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Since 1963 Antioch Auto Parts has guided by the principle of meeting our customers needs in the best manner possible.  It's why we call ourselves "America's Finest NAPA Store".

Our inventory is nearly four times the size of a typical auto parts store.  What does that mean to you?  It means bigger selection, better availability, and less time spent waiting and searching for the parts you need.  What others call "special order", we call "in stock".  Our inventory is constantly expanding to meet the demands of the market, our customers.  Simply put, we don't like to miss sales opportunities.  Of course we have the items you expect us to have, but we also take pride in surprising you by having the items you did not expect us to have.  Why wait for a small store to get it for you, when we have it on the shelf?

Because we are independently owned, we set our own pricing.  Often we sell for less even than what NAPA suggests, because quite honestly, we want your business!  If someone else tells you they're less than NAPA, find out yourself whether they're talking about us.  We feel we compete not only with other auto parts stores, but the specialist wholesalers, the online peddlers, and the retail mass merchandisers as well!  We shop and compare so you don't have to.  Also remember, our size allows us to offer more than one brand in many of our product categories.  If a value brand is what you're looking for, we've got you covered.

Top quality service is our priority.  We know your time is valuable, which is why we focus on getting you what you need quickly and efficiently.  On those rare occassions when we are out of what you need, we can get it for you within 24 hours, or usually much less.  Our machine shop provides same day service in most cases.  We have more parts people than anybody else, with more resources at their fingertips.  For wholesale customers, our fleet of 25 delivery trucks providing up to 20 times a day delivery simply can't be matched. 

Our staff takes pride in professional service, from our delivery drivers to our office staff.  Our parts people have years of experience; you don't make it to our counter after merely a three-day crash course.  Our parts people are the best because they've earned it.  There are no commissions, our staff works as a team to get you what you need.  Since our operation consists of only one location, the people you see today won't be moved somewhere else.  We know that forging relationships with our customers is what keeps them coming back year after year.  Wouldn't you give your friends your best?  So do we.

Antioch Auto Parts is a member of NAPA, but solely owned by the Sexton family of Antioch, Illinois.  We live in the community we serve, and have since 1963.  The other guys may rotate managers from other locations, and answer to bosses making decisions in an office far away.  There's a difference when you deal with a business run by people with a personal interest.  If there's a problem, we're the ones to make it right because the buck stops here.  The success of Antioch Auto Parts is a direct result of the effort our whole company makes to serve you in the best way possible.  It matters to us because it's our life's work.  Come see the difference.