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The official website of Antioch Auto Parts in Antioch, Illinois

Ready for cicadas?  Starting this month through June our area of Illinois will get to see and hear the 17 year cicada (Brood XIII).  Once the soil hits 64 degrees the 17 year cicadas will start to emerge and be gone by mid-summer.  These aren't to be confused with our annual cicadas that arrive in August.  This doesn't have much to do with cars unless some end up on your windshield, but they only come around every 17 years! 

It's that time of year to start yard work!  Stop by and take advantage of our sales on ready to use fuel for 2-cycle engines.  No need to run to the gas station at last minute when you have ready to use fuel at home!  Our Royal Purple TruFuel starts as low as $6.99/each.

We also have an epic tool sale on select Craftsman and Evercraft tools!  Save up to 70% off on Craftsman tools and up to 50% off on Evercraft!  Save BIG while supplies last!

All our Zerex Antifreezes are on sale starting as low as $12.99/Gal.  PEAK All Vehicles 10X Ready to Use Antifreeze is only $13.69/Gal.

Are you on NAPA Rewards yet?  This is a buyer loyalty program with which you can earn a $5 credit for every $100 you spend -- not just at our store but any participating NAPA Rewards store!  All we need is your phone number and the computer tracks the rest.  No card to carry, no minimum purchase to redeem.  Sign on today

NAPA Conventional oil on sale for $3.29/Qt.  For diesel, Valvoline Premium Blue 15W-40 is only $16.99/Gal. 

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Thanks again for visiting our website.  Thanks as always for your business; we are continually striving to be the world's finest NAPA store.  Your feedback is appreciated.


Phone: 847-395-3660 or 800-843-3211


  • Monday - Friday: 7:30-6:30
  • Saturday: 7:30-5:00
  • Sunday: 9:00-2:00
  • Holidays: 9:00-2:00
  • Closed Christmas Day!

We are located just east of the intersection of Routes 83 & 173 in Antioch, Illinois.

Mailing address: 250 W. IL Rte. 173  Antioch, IL  60002